D10 Vape 1000mg – Ekto Kooler




Effex’s Ekto Kooler D10 disposable is second to none. This vape will have you coming back for more.  Its effects are mellow and come on slowly, but expect to feel a bit heavy in your limbs coupled with an uplifting mental high. This strain is perfect for the end of the day when you need to decompress and not think too hard about anything for a little while.


Where Delta Effex surpasses the competition is the extra mile we go in crafting all our products. Sourcing only the best D8 Distillate, we then take the cleanest terpenes we can find and infuse them to bring you products that will never disappoint. All of our products are ISO-lab tested for quality both in the raw form and in the finished product.

70-75% D8
15-20% D10
5-10% terpenes

Size: 1ml
Type: D8 + D10
Ingredients: D8 Distillate, D10 Distillate and terpenes.


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