Spectrum Relief – D8 Tincture 600mg



*For ORAL use only! Do NOT vape this!*

Spectrum Relief now brings you the natural D8 you love derived from organically grown hemp in California in tincture form! We marry that with a special terpene blend and MCT oil, to provide you with a powerful legal alternative for taking the edge off.

In strong dosing, with bottles of 30ml and 600mg of D8 extract, just a drop of our tincture will set you right. As the proper dose can vary by person and weight, we recommend you start off with one to two drops and see how you like it.

Effects should start kicking in within 1-2 hours for pleasant all-body relaxation.

Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while using this tincture, it has a kick!

Ingredients: D8 distillate, MCT oil, and Terpenes for flavoring.


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