D8 Vape Cart 90+% – Sour Diesel




*For an optimal experience in both flavor and performance, we recommend setting your battery to the lowest temperature for these advanced cartridges! 

At Spectrum Relief, we do it right. We believe quality starts with the ingredients.

We start with D8 distillate derived from organically grown hemp in California that’s full panel tested and certified to not contain any heavy metals, microbials, and pesticides, by a DEA-certified & ISO-accredited laboratory! We get the highest quality, D8 on the market, triple-distilled with purity of 90% or higher!

Then, we mix that with the highest grade CO2-extracted, CDT’s available from the most sought-after terpene companies! Our flavors are hand crafted by an industry leading, expert crafter of terpenes and flavor, who have over 10 years of experience in formulating the ultimate cart flavor profiles!

This product is for the seasoned enthusiast as well as the luckiest beginners, i.e. the perfect cartridge for consuming D8!

Pick up a Spectrum Relief cartridge today and experience the highest grade of quality!


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